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Diversity ArtWorks!

Diversity ArtWorks!

Technical Information

Print files: High-quality, print-optimized PDF files

Proof files: Medium-quality PDFs

Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) lets you share documents created in any application - on any computer system - anywhere. The free Adobe® Reader® software allows you to view, print, and search Adobe PDF files. Most computer systems already have this software, but if your system does not, click on the Adobe® Reader® download link to the right.

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Diversity ArtWorks!

Navigating the complexities of the printing process can be overwhelming. Below is a link to our quick synopsis of the 4-color process. In addition, there are links to comparisons of the two basic printing techniques - 'digital printing' and 'offset printing.' We provide what you need for either printing option. These overviews will help you choose which is better for you and your budget.

Diversity ArtWorks!
Diversity ArtWorks!

Since equipment, processes, and operator experience vary from location to location and can impact your final product, communication and knowledge are important factors in establishing a beneficial, working relationship with your printer.

Diversity ArtWorks!
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Diversity ArtWorks!